Quarantine Friendly Dates with Your Toddler

Like many mommas, one of my biggest goals this year was to spend more intentional time with my daughter and take her on many ‘first time’ dates. So, I wrote down ideas for activities she had never done, like swimming, and places she had never been, like the zoo. I had managed to knock off a few of these, then in came the ‘Rona’. Because most, if not all the activities I came up with were outdoorsy, and the outdoors are currently closed till further notice, I thought I would have to cancel everything.

Coronavirus and Uncertainty

I do not know how to respond to the global pandemic.

I am hopeful sometimes and then I am not. I am frustrated by the inconveniences the lock-down has brought about then I am reminded that it could get a lot worse than just inconvenient.
Most days I am getting by. Living a day at a time. Washing my hands, staying home and avoiding touching my face.