I love our sibling WhatsApp group. I love slow mornings and evenings. I love reading while sipping on tea, unrushed. I love doing nothing. I love long conversations with friends and family.

I love crispy hot nsenene (grasshoppers). I love to clean my home and then bask in the fresh clean smell. I love the smell of bleach. I love stationery and stationery shops. I love cute journals. I love laughing.

I love how my daughter randomly says “I love you Mummy” as she goes about her business, sometimes not even looking up from what she is doing. I love the sound of a purring cat. I love watching movies alone and uninterrupted. I love taking evening walks. I love rainy days when I don’t have to leave the house. I love the memes my brother shares. I love mocha milkshakes.

I love gatherings and holidays with my big loud family. I love listening to a specially curated playlist while cleaning. I love gifts. I love the smell of freshly popped popcorn. I love sitting in the kitchen, talking and sharing stories while someone else cooks. I love hot, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside deep-fried cassava. I love cassava and beans katogo (mixture), with avocado. I love matooke. I love avocado on bread.

I love airy, well-lit rooms. I love throw pillows and cosy blankets. I love eating out. I love quietly nibbling on spicy snacks as my daughter naps so she does not ask for some. I love taking long, hot (like steaming hot) showers. I love an extremely cold coke. I love that my daughter loves coke too. I love Friday evenings.

I love a good read. I love the Lent season. I love the newborn baby smell. I love supermarkets, specifically the kitchenware aisle. I love cute mugs. I love soft towels and snug bathrobes. I love pajamas. I love Sunday afternoon naps. I love it when I spend my entire weekend indoors with absolutely nothing planned. I love breakfast.

I love having so many leftovers in the fridge that I don’t have to cook for an entire day. I love listening to my daughter sing Kiswahili songs, how she sings them all wrong and makes up words as she goes. I also love when she randomly remembers a Kiswahili word that was mentioned at school and asks me what it means.

I love inside jokes. I love the silly little words coined by my family, known only to us. I love when babies reach out and touch your face as you hold them. I love inboxes with no unread messages. I love to de-clutter. I love jars and storage containers. I love dreaming up home décor ideas. I love it when my daughter has just gone down for a nap and I feel like I have all the time in the world and endless possibilities. I love ending up asleep next to her.

I love it when people get shocked at just how much my daughter looks like me. I love watching and listening to conversations between my dad and daughter. I love it when my daughter asks me questions about my mum and refers to things she has heard me say about her. I love freshly clean bed sheets. I love birthdays. Actually I love celebrations in general.

I love it when I finally get to do something after ages of procrastination. I love the last day of my period, despite the fact that I know full well it will be back in a few weeks. I love being home alone. I love settling into a routine. I love it when a song takes me down memory lane. I love going through family albums. I love letters. I love family traditions. Especially my family’s New Year’s Eve tradition. I love Christmas, putting up the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas carols—the old school kind that remind me of Christmases growing up.

I love that this writing prompt by Ashlee Gadd has me writing again after so long.

*This post was inspired by Ashlee Gadd. You can catch her list here.

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  1. I smiled on the things that best describe me. Am here reminiscing on my love list. We missed you girl. Hope you are back fully.😍

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