Adulting Out Loud Podcast
Adulting Out Loud Podcast
This is Adulting

In this episode we talk about what we each define adulting as and when it dawned on us that we are adulting. Was it a light bulb moment? Did it happen bit by bit?

5 Replies to “This is Adulting”

  1. A good topic…sent me many eons ago. As one of you said, that we adult in stages. We arrive into adulthood through a series of journeys. One day when most of our supports and props are gone or reduced, then we will know the buck stops with us and we are now adults.

  2. Hi ladies! This was a good conversation. I totally agree that it comes in phases. At one point I thought I had become an adult when I joined campus. A year later, when I had to leave the hostels, look for some place else and know how to maintain it on my own, I realized I was just beginning my adulthood life. I don’t know whether the feeling will ever end. But all in all, it’s been such an adventure!
    Looking forward to the next podcast.

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